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He has taken instances from his own life as a software engineer where he face the same issues. Questions like : What should a software engineer be named by his parents when he is born for better better appraisals? He worked for the IT industry and 8 years and is now a full time author. Explore Plus.

LOSER: Life Of a Software EngineeR

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LOSER: Life Of a Software EngineeR by Dipen Ambalia

Ambalia Dipen. Summary of the Book Dipen Ambalia has offered to answer funny questions and reveal to the reader how the life of a software engineer is a struggle in term of horrible appraisals, Bell Curves and dumb instructions given to them. Imprint Prakash Book Depot. Frequently Bought Together. Add 3 Items to Cart. Rate Product. This book has so many funny details of incidents and people working in IT industry that I was unable to control my laugh all the way.

Thing which touched me most was the description of conversation which takes place between people who have been to onsite and the one who haven't. It was totally hilarious.

Day in the Life of a Software Engineer (First week!)

Marriage of a IT professional, how he travels to office, how much time he spends in travelling, what he does when he is on bench, appraisals, resignation, onsite experience, chocolates which Santosh Yeleri Certified Buyer Mar, Best Stress Buster Ever!!! Complete Funny Dictionary for Software Professionals; with unbeatable Examples which Most of us already had and if not then you can go ahead and give it a Try. People who want to Join the Industry should also go for it So that th Jayesh Phatak Mar, To be honest the book started a bit low on my expectations but Gained Momentum after first pages and did not loose it till the end!

The comparisons made by Dipen in the book are pretty hillarious and Real too! And the concept of "Richa's And Ajays" ,Appraisal meetings , three most happy days in life of a "Softie" and the "Production support" are right on the spot! Ankur Goel Jun, By profession, I am a software developer turned tester turned production support analyst turned business analyst!

The lines were an instantly struck a chord with me and compelled me to buy the book! Of the four stages of the professional life-cycle of a software engineer mentioned by Dipen, I am very lucky read unfortunate to directly introduced to the third stage - production support an Anindya Mukherjee Certified Buyer May, Being a project manager, i was little offended at the book bcos it pokes a lot of fun on the managers : , but overall it loved the book for its humour.

And you just spent years of your life getting a degree in computer science. Or anything remotely useful. This makes my blood boil.

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Not at you, but instead at our computer science programs. My company hires and trains a lot of people out of these programs. Of these freshly minted graduates, we have come to realize that while you can now write a compiler, and are now able to conceptualize many important algorithms all of which have already been solved you have almost no practical or useful experience. I am lucky to have Nick on my team. Nick was a winter graduate of an exceptional CS program.

He seemed to know so much more than most graduates, and I asked him: why? Most of what made Nick stand out from others is that he spent a great deal of time on his own trying to do practical things that used his learnings from college. He also worked at internships during college where he realized that most of what they were teaching him was abstract and useless. Nick is not normal I worry about him at times , but he just managed to get a small jump on his peers. I studied computer science at college back in before there was even a CS degree. It was pretty abstract then so abstract that my major was Econ.

What I have come to understand is that college teaches you concepts and, largely college teaches you to learn how to learn, not how to do. Nick is exceptional because he took the time and effort to learn stuff that was practical on his own. I am old now, and my son just got back from his freshman year at college holy crap, holy crap, holy crap, I am old. Fuck these college programs who tell you they are preparing you for anything.

Or ever.

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Nope, computer software is just a business, all dirty and sordid, like all the rest. Once you become marginally proficient, things will be better. I can promise you, Anna, Bowei, Cory and many others who were in your very shoes last year are now killing it, and specializing, and getting past those insecurities, feelings of hopelessness, loss of innocence and all the rest.

Anna has made several critical changes in the way we do things.

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Cory fixed a problem with a bit of software that our 53 year old senior architect was ready to throw out completely, just by upgrading to a new version and a little diligent manual reading. Bowei is converting our infrastructure to use modern tools with Nick. You know nothing.

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Face it. You know how to drink beer. You know how to get good grades. You know a shitload more than those stupid freshman you saw, right? You can choose to be intimidated. Or frustrated. Or antagonistic. Or accept your new reality and roll with it.