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The JDL's position with regard to Israel is denial of any Palestinian claims to land and the calling for the removal of all Arabs from the "Jewish-inherited soil. Do not listen to the soothing anesthesia of the establishment.

Extracts From Mein Kampf by Adolf Hitler

They walk in the paths of those whose timidity helped bury our brothers and sisters less than thirty years ago. It is Jewish unity and self-discipline that will lead to the triumph of the Jewish people. Its inception was part of the white backlash surrounding the New York City teachers' union strikes of The strikes brought to the surface racial tension between the predominantly Jewish teachers union, and black residents who were seeking greater control over their neighborhood schools. This, coupled with black demands for more civil service jobs, stirred the already hostile racial climate in Manhattan's neighborhoods and led working-class Jews in the outer boroughs to join the JDL.

Kahane, who then wrote for The Jewish Weekly, an Orthodox periodical, flooded the tabloids with stories of blacks and Puerto Ricans terrorizing Jews in Manhattan.

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He dispatched JDL units to "patrol" predominantly Jewish areas, which ultimately led to an ethnic polarization of neighborhoods. Mission across the street. Throughout the s and '80s, JDL members did everything from pouring blood over the head of a Soviet diplomat at a reception in Washington, D. With each incident, the JDL claimed responsibility by phoning in its official slogan, in reference to the Holocaust, "Never again!

Members of the Jewish community in Moscow, however, made clear that they did not appreciate the JDL's efforts in the U. Though Soviets were their main victims, the JDL has targeted anyone it considers a threat to the survival of radical Jewish nationalism.

How Dare Chelsea Clinton Defend the Jews?

This includes U. The break-in was to protest the "slow response" of the federation to community needs of Jews in San Francisco. The following year, JDL members began targeting diplomats of all nations who had voted for a U. Without him, they never would have existed at all. My great-grandfather was an immigrant from Ukraine who came to New York City when he was three years old. He enrolled in City College, taking law classes at night while he worked labor-intensive jobs during the day.


The year he took the bar, he had the second highest score in the state of New York. Yet no law firm would hire him, because he was Jewish.

He decided to practice independently, taking on any case that came his way. He ended up representing immigrants, folks fighting for housing, and the people of New York City who needed a representative to defend them in their most vulnerable moments.

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My grandmother is a multidisciplinary sculpture artist, who uses her art to speak out against societal norms: a canvas decorated with a pill packet as a commentary on Big Pharma, or a handbag constructed from empty lipstick tubes and shotgun shells to interrogate the tropes of femininity and masculinity. Her art and activism speak volumes in ways words cannot. In , my father organized political fundraisers in Albuquerque for Democratic candidates. He sits on the board of conservationist organizations, fighting to ensure that the world my generation and future generations inherit is healthy and full of bountiful wildlife.

He taught me to debate and encouraged me to speak up, regardless of the repercussions. This is my lineage. They are ordinary people who do remarkable things, and remain humble.

Hannah Arendt: Jew and Cosmopolitan

They question. Most of all, they make me incredibly proud to be part of this family; to be Jewish. Their support in fostering my own political voice was essential. We mean that the suffering of our people and our inherited trauma is not a political tool for politicians to rephrase.

Yes, I was on the news. I was on the news because of my Judaism, my family, and my own beliefs. I was on the news because this is what I wish European gentiles had done as the Holocaust swept across Europe.

I was on the news because never again means never again for anyone. Want more from Teen Vogue? By Samantha Montano. By Lauren Rearick.

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By Courtney McKinney. Keywords never again Immigration immigration and customs enforcement protest. Read More. By Teen Vogue.